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Toon Link Lying Down by PruKit

Icon made by Spixxen

I also upload almost daily on my tumblr so you should check it out aha
Theres a lot more art on it than on here so yea

my old/backup account: Wolfacino


:icontheadoptgroup: :iconadoptananimal: :icononestop-adoptshop: :iconadopt-an-adoptable:


Got bored so

Start with zero and add 1 for everyone you check off.

[/] You get bad grades.
[x] You have had a pet die.
[/] You cry yourself to sleep at night. 
[x] Your parents are divorced.
[ ] One or both of your parents are dead.
[/] People think you should be happier.  
[x] You don't have that many friends.
[ ] You have never been out of the country.
[ ] You have never been out of the state.
[ ] You are allergic to a food.
[ ] You are allergic to fur.
[x] You worry to much.
Total so far: 5.5

[/] You always feel sad.
[x] You think you're bad at what you do.
[x] You are afraid of the dark.
[x] You are afraid of heights.
[ ] You don't have a pet.
[x] You have had a dream where somebody died.
[/] You have never had a boyfriend/girlfriend.
[x] You have less than 3 friends irl.
[ ] You don't get an allowance. 
[] You don't get food everyday.
[x] You are shy around new people.
[/] You get bullied.
Total so far: 13

[ ] You don't have your own room.
[ ] You don't have a cell phone.
[x] You wish you didn't have a sibling.
[ ] You wish you had another sibling.
[ ] You are an only child.
[/] Sad music makes you cry.
[x] Sad movies make you cry. 
[ ] You have been to the hospital for yourself. 
[ ] Somebody in your family smokes.
[x] Somebody in your family is an alcoholic.
[ ] You have been in a car accident. 
[ ] Somebody in your family has been in a car accident. 
Total so far: 16.5

[x] You have many chores.
[ ] You have had a bad sickness.
[x] You have been in a bad storm.
[/] People think your crazy. 
[x] You have never been to a concert.
[ ] You don't have cable.
[ ] You don't have a facebook.
[x] You fear your death.
[x] You don't believe in easter bunny/santa/tooth fairy
[ ] You have been rejected by your crush.
[x] You sit alone at large groups of people.
[x] You look at the ground when you walk.
Total so far: 24

[ ] You have written a sad song.
[ ] You have a small house 
[ ] You Never met your dad/mom.
[x] You don't have a good relationship with one or more of your family members.
[x] You can't sing.
[ ] Your parents are unemployed.
[x] One or both of your grandparents are dead on your dads side.
[x] One or both of your grandparents are dead on your moms side.
[x] You don't get parties on your birthday.
[x] People have judged you by how you look.
[ ] You have never been to disney land. 
[ ] You have never seen a play.
Total so far: 30
Now take that total and multiply it by 2  

score: 60%



My name is Skye, but you can call me pru/prukit/etc.
I like to draw and animate, even though im not the best at it. Im still practicing, though!
You can hit me up man, you can talk to me here, on my tumblr, or you can ask for my skype if we talk often uvu

Ghiralink more like GhiraPINK by PruKit

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